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Celebrating Black History Month with GuiltyOfGlitz_

We Spill The Tea is not just a tea brand, we aim to be a platform for change and inclusivity. That's why we celebrate cultures and communities of all kinds all year long.

In honor of Black History Month, we teamed up with content creator Camille Britto aka @guiltyofglitz_ and wanted to spill some tea on what it's like to be a content creator and how she celebrates Black excellence and shows up for her community.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? What are all your side hustles? And what is your background?

My name is Camille Britto, and I wear a few different hats.  My most recent role is wife ( I never get tired of saying that lol), which I’m currently acclimating to.  Professionally, I work 9-5 as a Program Coordinator at a Children’s Hospital.  As far as my side hustle, that’s where about 400 of the hats come in lol.  I am an Instagram Influencer, Blogger, Influencer Coach, Content Creator, and octopus apparently because I do all those things at once.  Although it sounds like a lot, I really enjoy it all.  I have a background in psych and counseling, and although those areas were never something I was that passionate about, I do love helping others, and understanding why people do the things they do.  I tend to use my fascination with human behavior and need to help others in the way that I share and create content for my side hustles.

What does Black History Month mean to you? And how do you celebrate it?

Black History month is a time for us to really celebrate and acknowledge the ways that Black people and, Blackness in general, has influenced our culture and shaped our advancements as a country.  Honestly, I celebrate my Blackness, and that of other Black individuals around me every single day.  The same level or reverence we are showed during this month we deserve to feel all year long.  I strive to create a community and platform that uplifts, encourages, and assists Black woman in accomplishing whatever it is that this world may make them feel incapable of doing. 

Within my business, I always work with small Black owned businesses that align with my brand, at little to no cost at all to make sure that I’m actively doing what I can to get those creators recognized.

What are some other Black public figures that inspire you?

Hmmm this is a good one.  Off the top of my head I’m going to say the amazing Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter because DUH!! But seriously, her work ethic, drive, talent, endurance, ability to dream bigger than you could imagine, IT’S SO INSPIRING.   Whenever I hit a lazy streak I find myself thinking, “GIRL WHAT WOULD BEY DO”. 

From a creative standpoint, I’m going to say @signed_blake.  If you’re not following her you absolutely should be.  Besides all of the obstacles she’s overcome in her life, she also has created a lane for so many other Black female creatives in this influencer space.  Selling out Amazon drops in mere minutes, being the face of luxury campaigns that has previously only been offered to white woman, she’s literally a powerhouse.  It’s one of those journeys you watch like MAN, even if the world tells you that you don’t belong at this table sit your behind down there anyway.  You belong in every room you walk in.

How do you represent and show up for your community on a daily basis?

My platform is created by a Black woman for Black woman.  That’s who I speak to.  When I pitch to brands, or when asked to edit the way in which I create messaging for my audience I don’t.  I know who my community is, I know who I built this to encourage, and no amount of money in the world would change the way I show up for them.

What advantages and disadvantages do you think your community has with social media?

Wheewww this is a long one! It is clear as day that much of social media and pop culture in general is driven by Blackness, yet we are often left not credited for our work, stolen from, or ridiculed for the same things that our white counterparts are praised for.  You look at  Forbes articles where they highlight the highest earning creators on Tik Tok and there’s not even a single Black face on that list, yet many of the trending dances and skits were taken from a Black person. 

In the influencer space inequity runs wild and free.  There are times that Black creators have realized that they were paid lower for the same scope of work than their White counterparts. 

Now as far as advantages within social media, I think that brands are starting to realize we are the gate keepers to our culture.  You can try to recreate it but no matter how much you try you just can’t get the sauce right without us.  More brands are leading with making sure that their campaigns are inclusive, including faaaaarrrr more Black talent in places where they would have never before.  It’s great because from a consumer standpoint you get to see people that look like you marketing to you which helps create more of a connection to that brand, and as a creator it opens the doors to endless opportunities that you didn’t once have access to.

If you could tell your younger self any advice or do anything over what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to stop listening to what others were telling her she needed to be.  To truly lean into trusting herself and trusting her gut.  Had I really believed in myself a lot sooner I can’t even imagine where I would be right now.

How can brands do more to support the Black community and content creators in general like yourself?

Pay us fairly and offer us the same opportunities that our White counterparts are offered.  And don’t just show up for Black creators in the month of February, give us those same opportunities and that same energy 365 days a year!

Spill the tea – what is your best content creation tip or secret?

It sounds simple but never get complacent.  The industry and social media are ever changing.  You need to always be willing to learn and pivot.  Never be so stuck in your ways or sure of yourself that your not willing to learn new things.

What is your hope for the future?

To be able to turn my passion project into my full time job.  I would love to be a full time influencer, and free lance social media manager and strategist as well.  Everyday I work a little more towards that goal, and I’m really excited to see what the future holds.

Lastly, what is your favorite thing about We Spill The Tea and favorite tea blend?

Hands down, it’s the Peach.  I love how robust the flavor is.  Before bedtime I drink about two cups in the bed while wrapping up a few last minute work items.  It’s so tasty and now has become a staple in my evening self-care.

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