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Many people do not know this, but aside from WE SPILL THE TEA being a super catchy name for our brand, there is a deeper meaning behind the brand we’ve built and an intention behind how we designed our logo and branding. Want to know what they are? Well, obviously, if you’ve made it this far you’re curious… so we have to share!

Let’s start with the name! Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?” Yeah, sure buddy… your name is everything! It defines who you are and gives personality to your brand. We wanted WE SPILL THE TEA to be a social-first, modern brand with a fun and clever name because all we saw were traditional-like, yoga-inspired names and figured you didn’t need to be a health nut to enjoy good-tasting organic and sustainable tea! And that’s when it got fun… in pop culture there is a saying “spill the tea,” which basically means let’s gossip or tell me the truth about something. In some sort of way, that’s what we are doing, we looked around at our competitors and saw they were using false organic claims or not using eco-friendly materials or worse using chemicals in their product to make their flavoring taste good! We knew we could do better, but would not shy away from spilling the tea on the industry to help educate and inform others of organic, clean and eco-friendly tea that is good for you and good for the planet. Thus, we created WE SPILL THE TEA!

We didn’t stop there either… At a glance, our logo may look like a generic beachy logo, but there are easter eggs or hidden meanings here as well! We wanted to find a logo that represents happy memories and nature, so we took it back to our childhood and thought about how much we loved going to the beach. Most people have very fond memories at the beach and we wanted our logo to evoke that kind of emotion, that’s why our logo is a beach umbrella by the water. We worked with an artist on Fiverr (a freelance site) and came up with several logos to work with. Ultimately, we landed on the beach logo that’s all over the site today, but made one last tweak before finalizing. After reviewing psychology behind logos (yes, that’s a thing), we stumbled on an interesting fact. When people tilt their head to the right, this shows that they are likely interested in something. So with a quick photoshop edit, we updated the logo to tilt to the brand to express the multiple interesting layers to our lifestyle brand.

We are not your average tea brand and wanted something that best expressed the fun, creative and playful nature of who we are. Get to know us, we’re a good time!