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Whoever said “design doesn’t matter and all you need is a good tasting product” wasn’t trying hard enough. When we were building our brand, we knew that the key to our success would not only be in developing a delicious and organic tea product, but also in the way we presented it to our fans and customers. Our packaging and design had to be on point, so that’s what we aimed for.

Just like our logo and brand name, the design was equally intentional. We wanted to develop something that was bright and colorful, just like us. Something that made people happy and was social media worthy. We were inspired by the different tropical colors of the rainbow, but wanted something that wasn’t as over the top or overdone. We then decided it would be cool to play with the colors of the rainbow, but more in a gradient change kind of way. Lastly, a key component to our design was that the boxes could stand alone by design, but also work together as a group. We took this idea and built a color scheme from Citrus Green (green) to Tropical Pineapple (yellow) to Peach (pink) to Berry (Red) and Sampler that reflected all of the fruit tea flavors. And there we have it the color story of WE SPILL THE TEA!

That’s not all thought, wait until you hear all about our sustainability efforts…