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Our story started with a simple mission to create a great-tasting organic product in a eco-friendly way. We were tired of seeing unhealthy drink alternatives with no attempt to be sustainable or truly organic. All we saw around us was "greenwashing" advertising or traditional tea brands that lacked excitement and progress.

We knew we could create a brand filled with purpose in a new and exciting way...and that was the start of WE SPILL THE TEA...


Did you know that most companies use nylon or plastics in their tea bags?

Gross! We didn't either. What is worse is when those tea bags are heated up, micro-plastics get into your tea! That's why when we built WE SPILL THE TEA we made sure our tea bags were eco-friendly and non-toxic. Our pyramid sachets (or tea bags) are made out of a material called soilon and is plant based and biodegradable. You can feel safe and good about enjoying our teas!

Most fruit teas aren’t organic!

Hold up... you're telling me that companies are putting tons of fake flavor in their teas or using non-organic fruit?! We think you deserve better. That is why our WE SPILL THE TEA organic tea blends are all certified organic, just read the ingredients!

There isn’t a brand out there like us?

It's true! WE SPILL THE TEA is unique in so many ways and we are proud of the brand we are building. We can't wait to watch this brand grow and thank you for being here from the beginning. Our story is just getting started...

We always aim to be transparent and honest with our customers, while building a brand we believe in. We hope you not only love our amazing teas, but also join us as we build the world of WE SPILL THE TEA together.